Lesley D McKenzie


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Transient illustrates a state of continuous transition from one life to another, nothing ever remaining the same, the landscape changes slowly while the life it supports can change as quick as a flash. As the hares gaze at each other the crow has spotted the potential danger and calls an alarm, foxes are not always as sly as they'd like to be however as can bee seen by the previously departed soul.

Tappie Tower is a local landmark that I visit often with my dogs, there is a trig point at the top of the hill and the most beautiful old larch tree. From the top of the tower you can see for miles in every direction, over to Bennachie, Hill of Fare, the Garioch valley and Aberdeen city. The hill is always changing but still remains one of my favourite places to go.

This illuminating work is rich in narrative . The bold colours and kaleidoscope sky entice the viewer to take a closer look.

50x50cm Acrylic on Canvas

Handfinished gallery style wood frame in black with guilded sight edge, framed size 67x67cm

Also available as a Limited Edition Giclee Print.

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