Well its been a very busy year, productive? - Yes, as productive as I would have liked? - probably not. What with training for two epic bike rides and being exceptionally busy in the framing workshop I seemed to be forever chasing my tail trying to keep up with commission work and gallery requests but I am happy to say I did everything I promised to do and it was all delivered on time, yay!

Of course, the ever pull of the artists desire to create what inspires them the most instead of getting on with the work that is required is an ongoing problem but I usually do knuckle down and get the work done.

This year we have had some amazing skies and the desire to paint them has been irresistible, I have also been playing with oils so the combination of amazing skies and brand new tubes of oil paint has resulted in several large and bold skyscapes.

Oils have also influenced my latest works "Urban Parallel" and a large polar bear piece I am still working on. I love the adaptability of the medium and although I am notorious for forgetting the surface is still wet I do kind of like them. Of course acrylic will always be my true love, the vivid colours and speed they dry just suits my impatient character to a tee.

I have finally got my new website up and running, it has only taken me like 3 years and still need some tweeking. Hope you like it though.

All the best for 2017 everyone :)

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