Making a Baby Rhino

I am guessing some of you may be curious as to how I create my beasties. Well here is a photographic collection of sculpture in progress with descriptions along the way. Remember I also work to commission, so if you would like your beloved animal friend recreated in clay or a favourite animal species just visit my commission page for more info on the process.

All my work begins with a paper support, around this support I wrap rolled sheets of pre-prepared clay, a bit like working with pastry. the clay is very soft and requires supporting with props while it dries out:


While the clay is still very soft I create the overall pose and rough out the shapes:


Nothing quite like adding eyes and ears to create the attitude:


The clay is quite firm by now and I can add the finer details:


Wee Brucie is now left to dry before bisque firing, when bisque is complete the sculpture is glazed, just eyes in this case, then raku fired. During the raku firing the pieces are placed in woodshavings and create an intense fire, then the cleaning begins:


After cleaning the results are plain to see, beautiful crackle glazes and wonderful carbon patinas, raku is just the best for creating lifelike animal sculptures:


and here is the beautiful Wee Brucie - the real one from Blairdrummond Safari Park:

Here are some examples of previous commissions:


Remember to take a look at my commissions page if you would like more info about commissioning your own animal sculpture. You will find example pricing there too.