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Marylin - BIG Wee Hairy Heelan's

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Marylin - Ginger coloured BIG Wee Hairy Heelan 

Wee Hairy Heelan's have gone supersize! After several requests for a larger coo I deciced to give it a go and guess what, they worked beautifully! BIG Wee Hairy Heelan's are considerably larger than their Wee brothers and sisters, they have quite a bit more detail but still capture the adorable cuteness of my original Wee Hairy Heelan's. 

Adorable raku fired highland cows. We are all handmade so each has it's own individual character and our creator names us accordingly. Name tags are etched into a natural wood slice and can be removed. 

Each coo features our creators brass button elephant logo and comes with an adoption certificate. 

Adopt one today 💕


As we are all handmade our size varies, just like real coos! We are around 25cm high and 30cm long.

Marylin is pictured with a standard sized business card so you can see just how big he is.


You can buy Marylin now but if he's not exactly the right coo for you then please click back a page and build your own coo from our ORDER option


UK shipping is free, everywhere else is as low cost as I can find. If shipping cost is a problem please let me know as I can check I have the best deal available at the time.

NOTE: if ordering more than one coo and shipping goes wonky please message me so I can fix the issue.

BIG Wee Hairy Heelan's are lovingly packaged and are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. In the unlikely event they meet with an accident I will replace your coo free of charge but do message me straight away please.


If you are not happy with your Wee Hairy Heelan just ping me a message to let me know and we can arrange a return and refund.


Enjoy him, every minute you are together whether frolicking through barley fields or sitting on your windowsill time is precious. You can post pics of your adventures to my facebook page 💕

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